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Wedding by Frank

Maeileen & Shannon Gazebo Ceremony & Reception at Grand Salon Ballroom 1.24.15  (53)
palms 2
Priscila & Luis Gazebo Ceremony & Reception in Ciudamar at Killian Palms Country Club 4.3 (110)
Aimara & Alain Gazebo Ceremy and Reception Killian Palms Contry Club  (100)
Aimara & Alain Gazebo Ceremy and Reception Killian Palms Contry Club  (32)
pic 5
Patrick & Monica Wedding Ceremony & Reception in Ciudamar (81)
Priscila & Luis Gazebo Ceremony & Reception in Ciudamar at Killian Palms Country Club 4.3 (108)
Aimara & Alain Gazebo Ceremy and Reception Killian Palms Contry Club  (37)


Congratulations to the Bride and Groom to be. 

I am Frank Nuñez, a South Florida non-denominational wedding officiant. I specialize in adding a personal touch to your wedding ceremony in either English, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, Russian and French.

I am fully capable of fulfilling your dream wedding experience. No matter where you plan your wedding or how large or small your guest list may be I will personally see to it that every guest in attendance will experience the magic of the moment along with you. From the wedding vows to the exchanging of the rings each aspect of the ceremony will be highlighted in its importance and its essential component to complete the full wedding experience. 

My services are within the Dade and Broward area from Oceanside or open garden to a full formal Ballroom setting. I have been performing ceremonies for the past ten years. 

Allow me to share my experience with you on your special day.


Wedding by Frank



Notary ceremonies are 15 - 20 minutes in length, 
and include an Introduction, Pledges, Love Poem, Vows, 
Ring Exchange, Pronouncement, and a Unity Candle Ceremony (wind permitting), or a Unity Sand Ceremony. 



Ideas for the Ceremony


The Unity Candles

The Unity Candle Ceremony consists of the lighting of one candle from two separate candles held by the bride and groom. This ceremony symbolizes the union of two lives into one. Creative variations can be added to the ceremony, such as the mothers of the bride and groom, or any designated member of the wedding party, lighting the candles after they walk down the isle or during the ceremony. The couple may keep the candle (some re-light the candle each year on their anniversary).

The Rings 

The wedding ring is an outward symbol of an inward change .It represents the bond created through and by the love of the couple. The wedding ring tradition has existed for centuries and demonstrates a visible evidence of the institution of marriage. Much can be added in this portion of the ceremony usually involves the verbal participation of the Bride and Groom during the exchange. 

Breaking of the Glass 

Breaking the glass at the conclusion of the ceremony is generally reserved for the Jewish ceremony. However many couples celebrating an interfaith ceremony request it. The breaking of the glass reminds us of the frailty of a relationships and how careful one should be not to break it. It also demonstrated an irrevocable bond or covenant that is created via the institution of marriage. Symbolically as the glass is shattered we transfer that frailty to the glass and prevent it from entering the marriage.


Children Services 

Many couples are remarrying and want to include their children in the ceremony. There are numerous ways this may be done.


Hands Ceremony

This refers to gift of the hands of each to one another. The officiant makes mention of the Bride and Grooms hands as the hands that will comfort, nurture, care and hold the other person in time of need. This usually takes 2 to 3 minutes.


Honoring the Mothers 

A brief mention and reading usually reflecting the special part the mothers have in this relationship and throughout life. Usually a gift of a flower is presented to each. 

Silent Blessing and Moment of Remembrance 

A blessing which mentions or honors those who no longer are with us. Usually the names are mentioned in remembrance of their important significance to each of the families and how their memory is perpetuated be the establishment of this wedding bond. 


Rose Ceremony 

This gesture of giving a rose to one another demonstrates the beauty that can be found in each day and represents a gift that is created and is not man made. Many couples have enjoyed this exchange and it is becoming very popular. 

Blessing to the Four Directions

A long time ago, people believed the human soul shared characteristics with all things celestial. This prayer service designates the four points on a compass with human virtues.


Jumping The Broom

There are many different versions of this ritual which involves the couple jumping over the broom. Essentially, the jumping of the broom is a symbol of sweeping away of the old and welcoming the new, or a symbol of a new beginning.






Your wedding ceremony and vows reflect the uniqueness of your relationship, and captures the celebration of your love, which has brought you to this memorable moment in your lives. 

Whether you want a traditional or a contemporary ceremony, I can make your day a truly wonderful experience. Your wedding will be unique, personalized and to your complete satisfaction.



Design a ceremony that is beautiful, elegant and personalized, and unique to you .
Ensure that your ceremony reflects the personal values and/or spirituality that you both share.
Create a ceremony that speaks of your mutual love, loyalty, commitment and respect.

Before You Reserve Your Ceremony...

You can meet with me face-to-face and free of charge before you make any decision. I want you to be totally comfortable and at ease, knowing that your wedding will be perfect.

After You Reserve Your Ceremony...

You may customize your ceremony with my help, and plan the entire ceremony minute by minute.
Receive friendly consultations at any time regarding your needs.

Finish with a ceremony that your friends and family will remember forever!

On Your Special Day...

You have an experienced, professional officiant who is focused on you and your needs.
You will have my cellphone number so that you can be at peace by knowing where I am at all times and not have to worry if I will be on time.
I will provide you with reassurance, direction, warmth and presence and put you, your friends and your family at ease.
Your ceremony will be conducted with sincerity, dignity, joy and love. Everyone will tell you how much they adored your ceremony.

Choose the ideal venue where you and your guests will be comfortable...

Share a custom-made ceremony and vows, which reflect your love for each other.





Changing Name After Marriage

Social Security has a rule that the bride must file an SS-5 form (a new application form showing change of name and /or marital status) within the fiscal year for tax purposes, (The SS-5 form should be filed, even if you are keeping your own name) along with an original proof of marriage. Social Security may take a while if you rely on the mail, so we always suggest you have another proof on hand. Therefore you may want to request two proofs of marriage. Check with Social Security first, see if you walk it in, will they just look at it and return it to you. Don’t take a day off from work to go to the Motor Vehicle Bureau and any of the other place until you have an original marriage certificate in hand. 


Change your name and address if applicable on the following:

Driver’s License 
Car Registration 
Car Insurance 
Health Insurance 
Social Security Records 
Voter Registration 
Bank Accounts 
Credit Cards 
With Your Employer 
Professional Licenses 



    - Marriage License



(305) 484-4383 

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Photo By: Yiftach Belsky

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